Permanent Bracelets

Permanent Bracelets

Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is an extension of your personality and a representation of your style. Out of the various types of jewelry pieces, bracelets hold a special place in people's hearts. They are not only versatile but are also perfect for making a statement, as they are visible to everyone. 

When it comes to bracelets, the concept of permanent jewelry has made it easier for people to wear them continuously without having to worry about taking them on and off frequently. Here at Going Golden, we think a permanent bracelet is a perfect accessory, whether you're dressing up or down for the day! Stop into our Brownsburg shop to learn more!


What Is Permanent Jewelry

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a popular trend in the jewelry industry. As the name suggests, permanent bracelets are designed to be worn continuously without being taken off frequently. In fact, they are supposed to stay on your arm unless you feel the need to cut the bracelets off.


How We Attach Permanent Bracelets

How We Attach Permanent Bracelets

The permanent bracelet process is simple and painless! After choosing the bracelet you want, our talented team fits it to your arm so that it isn't too loose or tight. We weld it together, which means there isn't a clasp, and in a few seconds, your permanent bracelet is ready! 

Make sure you check that your bracelet fits well before you leave the shop so we can alter it if needed. We want to ensure that it's the perfect fit for you!


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Benefits of Permanent Bracelets

There are more reasons than you might think to purchase a permanent bracelet. Here are just a few popular ones: 

  • Minimal Maintenance: As the bracelet is designed to be worn 24/7, it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional bracelets, there is no need to take the bracelet off, reducing the likelihood of misplacing or losing it. You can simply clean the bracelet while showering or performing other daily tasks. 
  • Durability: Permanent bracelets are made of durable materials. Their sturdiness ensures they can withstand even the harshest environments, giving the wearer peace of mind. 
  • Stylish and Customizable: Permanent bracelets can be customized to the wearer's preferences, including metal type and design, making them unique and personal. Their sleek, elegant design adds style to any outfit and is perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too flashy. 
  • Cost-Effective: Permanent bracelets can be more cost-effective in the long run. Traditional bracelets can cost a significant amount, and you may have to buy a new one if it gets lost, damaged, or you no longer like it. With permanent bracelets, you have a one-time cost and can wear the bracelet for years without the need for maintenance, replacement, or repair.

Why You Should Shop With Going Golden

Why You Should Shop With Going Golden

Going Golden is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2009. Each piece of jewelry we offer is handmade in our Indiana studio, so you know everything was created with care and precision. 

For durable yet aesthetically appealing jewelry options, we customize 14K gold jewelry. It is more affordable than solid gold but has nearly 100 times more gold than gold-plated options, making it the best choice for our customers!


Permanent bracelets are a unique and beautiful way to make a statement that will last a lifetime. If you're considering permanent bracelets or other kinds of permanent jewelry, make sure you only choose high-quality materials and reliable artists or jewelers, like our staff at Going Golden. If you're near the Brownsburg area, feel free to visit our shop or contact us!

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