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Baby Boy First Christmas Slate Ornament

Baby Boy First Christmas Slate Ornament

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Baby Stats Slate Ornament

Info that we need:

1. First and middle name

2. Time of birth

3. Weight (in lbs and oz)*

4. Length (in inches)

5. Date

*Please give weight as "8 lbs, 4 oz", not as "8.4 lbs." 8.4 lbs is not the same as 8lbs, 4oz, and we cannot convert the weight for you. If you say "8.4 lbs", the ornament will be made as "8lbs 4oz." :)

Details- We will use the same fonts as in the photos, including the same UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE letters.

Ornament size: approx. 2.75"-3"

Material: Slate- this is rock, so it is fragile. The writing appears as a gray color and there are often brown specks or rock also visible. We love the organic style! 

Ribbon: twine

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